You are citizens.

Called together to render judgment.

On a conflict which you are not involved in.

For people whom you do not know.

You have been taken away.

From your businesses.

From your families.

Your lives have been disrupted.

For a conflict which you are not involved in.

And this case may only involve an injured hip.

That might sound like the least glamorous case you could be on.

Here you all are as jurors walking in here on your hips.

And I bet, most of us don’t know a thing about them.

Would it come as a surprise that your hip

is one of the most complicated mechanical parts ever devised?

It glides only so far forward, but never glides too far.

How does it rotate? What protects it during rotation?

Why does it hurt?

You’re going to learn a lot about your hip.

You’re going to learn all about hips.

Because a man’s hip has been injured.

And we’re going to show you the medical proof.

How this affected his entire life.

Just think what happens when it’s the brain.

This is a very important case to the defendant and its insurance company.

Who are being sued here for a great deal of money.

And to the plaintiff, who seeks damages.

You are here precisely because you had no part in this conflict.

Your verdict will not be on the basis of sympathy.

The responsibility of the defendant is not about sympathy.

Sympathy is a form of charity, and we are not here for charity.

To ask for charity is demeaning, and usually the response is inadequate.

We are here to tell you the truth.

Show you the evidence, and prove what happened.

At the end of this case, you will make a judgment.

Not about medical bills or lost wages.

What this Jury is here for is to measure the intangibles.

The impairment of enjoyment of living.

The effect of pain and suffering on a man.

The most serious of all damages.

I do not need to persuade you.

How important the enjoyment of living is.

I do not need to teach you, or give a moving speech.

I just need to remind you.

That it’s not what was taken from this man.

It’s what he has been left with.

So you are the voice of the whole community in this.

Your verdict speaks what justice is for this community.

You must decide on matters of health, unity, and well-being.

You must ensure everyone is treated fairly under the law.

Every member of this community that contributes to it.

No one can be seen as disposable.

Because in these matters you speak for us all.


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