My baby sister is a lot cooler than me. And smarter. And generally better at everything.

My brother and I would tell you that Jamie developed her savvy from having to put up with the two of us growing up. Jamie had not one but two protective older brothers. But the truth is Jamie has always been the talented one. She can make things look effortless. She is conscientious, caring, and never boisterous.

Jamie was recently highlighted as a “female leader in the region’s restaurant industry.” She works as a cheesy food scientist. Literally. She specializes in cheese.

Jamie and a co-worker started a unique local kombucha business called “Damn!Bucha.” It is the best damn Kombucha you’ve ever had! In addition to working as a food scientist, Jamie and her co-worker developed several different kombuchas that were featured throughout Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho in restaurants, growler pubs, and brewhouses. All this while she continued serving on the local ski patrol at Mt. Spokane.

As an older brother, especially in a single parent household, you take on some additional responsibilities at home. For example, when our mother had to be out of town for a work trip, Billy and I were left the solemn duty of putting beret clips in Jamie’s hair before school. We both failed miserably and I think Jamie might have held that high offense against us for awhile.

Looking back, while we did have to rely on each other perhaps more than other kids, and had less structure at home, each of us was uniquely blessed by our mother’s upbringing. Mom’s gift was the way she raised us. And we were a tightknit unit growing up. We looked out for each other.

I remember the day that Adam, now Jamie’s husband, stopped by Sweetser Law Office. Adam popped into my office to say “hello.” I could sense he was nervous. After lingering to make small talk that did not seem to be much about anything, Adam abruptly exclaimed “I’m gonna go talk to your dad now” and immediately walked out of my office. I remember sitting there thinking: “Adam either needs a lawyer… or my baby sister is getting married.” I am so glad it turned out to be the latter. Adam and Jamie were married at the top of Mount Schweitzer the next year. It was one of the most memorable days of my life.

Sadly, Damn!Bucha came to an end when Jamie was promoted to Lead Cheese Food Scientist at her company (official title pending). Jamie and I still sing a mean rendition of Will Smith karaoke though. And I am so proud of her.


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